KP2R Network

An Advanced & Incentive Enabled Decentralize Financial System
Inspired by Andre Cronje’s Keeper Network “Keep2r Network” idea was born. While the DeFi space was flooding with poor attempts on making a successful fork implementation of the real one, none actually had the core functionalities baked into them to able to be even called as a successful fork. The DeFi God had some clear qualities in his version of keeper but others upon failing on doing so made millions just by creating fake hypes in the DeFi space. Following on his footsteps Keep2r Network is committed to make all the necessary developments live first then put it out to users for evaluation. We believe real developers don’t ask for funds based upon fake promises rather putting the hard works first and then let the people decide its worth.
Keep2r Network is doing just that, making developments live beforehand and then let you guys decide!
Keep2r Network is a decentralized keeper network inspired by the DeFi Guru ‘Andre Cronje’ needing external develops and for external teams to find keeper jobs. It’s basically can be described as a ‘Job Matching’ site.

How to use KP2R.Network

  • Register the Bond
  • Bonds Pending
  • Activate Bonds
  • Your Jobs Running
  • Start the Work

1. Register the Bond

Connect a wallet (KP2R Holding Wallet). Register the bond with your KP2R Token.

2. Bonds Pending

Your bond activation need 3 days. After 3 days open activate bonds button.
After the bonding period of 3 days you will be able to select activate.

3. Activate Bonds

After 3 days complete your activate bonds button is open. Click Activate Bonds.
Select the Jobs from KP2R Network jobs list.
Open your favorite Terminal and run these commands.

4. Your Jobs Running

Your KP2R.Network keeper jobs are running. You are a Keep2r.
You can view current available jobs, for now 5 Jobs is available, however more will be added.
KP2R jobs implement a function called work

5. Start the Work

As a simple keeper, you only need to call work and you will receive KP2R.
For details on registering a job or additional information please visit the documentation.
Real Earning from Real Keep2r Network
Happy Keeping 🔒
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